One of the biggest concerns for pet owners when thinking about home-cooking is getting the nutrition right. With commercial pet food companies making it seem as though complete foods are the only answer, it can be daunting to go against this approach and feed a more varied, home-prepared diet.


However, the benefits of moving away from ultra-processed foods mean it's well worth doing - and with VetChef personalised recipes it's super-easy to do it properly.

With nutritional expertise from Dr Joe Inglis, the VetChef system makes it simple and safe to feed a completely balanced home-cooked diet to your dog - so you can spend more quality time with your dog rather than a studying a textbook.

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Key nutrients

There are lots of key nutrients in your pet's diet, and two of the most important are calcium and phosphorus. Calcium is essential not just for strong bones and teeth but also for the function of the heart, nerves and muscles. It is also crucial during periods of growth, lactation and pregnancy.

Phosphorus is also essential for healthy bones and teeth, and also for making proteins for muscles. As well as ensuring your pet has enough of these two essential minerals, it's also vital that they get them in the right ratio - the Ca/P ratio. For adult dogs and cats the ideal ratio is around 1, but this nearly doubles during growth, so the animal needs twice as much calcium as phosphorus.



One of the common pitfalls of feeding a home-cooked diet is getting this ratio wrong. Simply feeding meat and veg will result in a dangerously low Ca/P ratio. This is why many diets, including VetChef recipes require calcium supplementation. 

The best calcium supplement is calcium carbonate, a natural mineral that provides a rich source of calcium that dogs can easily absorb. VetChef PureCal Seasoning contains high-purity calcium carbonate, and is ideal for including in all VetChef and other home-cooked recipes.

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