About VetChef

Founded by veterinarian and pet nutrition expert, Dr Joe Inglis, VetChef is a company dedicated to promoting healthy home-cooking for pets. 

With a unique, AI-powered nutritional system designed by Dr Inglis, VetChef can create bespoke recipes to provide completely tailored nutrition for dogs. By empowering pet parents to feed fresh, home-prepared meals, VetChef aims to change the way the world feeds their pets and bring to era of ultra-processed pet foods to an end.


The Vet Chef

Since qualifying as a veterinary surgeon in 1996, Dr Joe Inglis has been passionate about the health and well-being of pets. As well as working as a first-opinion vet for many years, Joe has also created two successful pet food brands – Vet’s Kitchen and tails.com – with the aim of improving the quality of nutrition for pet dogs and cats. 

It was this insider experience of the world of commercial pet foods that led Joe to start to question the impact that commercial foods were having on pets, and start to examine the alternatives, including home-cooking.


Joe is now dedicated to educating pet parents about the value of feeding fresh, home-prepared meals to their pets, and to helping ensure that they can do so easily and safely.

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